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Helping coaches and consultants double their revenue and reduce their overwhelm using proven business tools and system automations

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Business Ownership = Overwhelm?

I get it. Running your business means wearing a LOT of hats. You’re responsible for EVERYTHING, and you’re constantly pulled in 10 different directions. Where should you focus your time and energy?

Michael Gerber sagely tells us that we need to work ON our business rather than IN it if we want to see growth and success. But if you’re spending all your time on client work and administrative tasks, you’ll never see the growth (or freedom) you want. So where do you start?

Let us help. We’ll review your business’s current flow, find the biggest bottlenecks that are keeping you in the weeds of your business, and map out the steps to get you running your business instead of having your business run you.

Recent Client Wins

The Automated Product Launch

Paul had an upcoming product launch but needed the systems in place to run it…

We worked with his development team to build out the automated systems: all emails, blog posts, and website pages were setup and automated to go out before, during, and after Paul’s sales webinar, allowing Paul to show up for his live sales webinar and then watch the sales come in.

Website Revamps For The Win!

Mandy’s website needed to be more SEO and mobile-friendly…

Mandy wanted visitors to interact with the “passive income” content on her website. She also needed an automated email sales funnel to increase site traffic and sales. These online system improvements resulted in a 300% increase in website traffic and a 250% increase in revenue!

Eliminated the Administrative Overload

Tom’s nationwide nonprofit community was growing exponentially and they could not keep up…

With all the email requests sent through website messages. We reviewed the core functions of the organization, how the nationwide community needed to be able to interact. Then we built out those functions on the website: Communicate directly with a group leader, posting local events, application processes to join or start a local group, and more: reducing office administrative time from +25hrs weekly down to ~5hrs.

Tracking Customer Needs in Real-Time

Austin’s team needed to see all their members' info at a glance…

In their new automated Member Tracker, everything from lifetime value to membership status is displayed in realtime. The system notifies them immediately if someone’s payment failed, a membership is cancelled, or if a member has not logged into the membership site in the past month. Keeping track of all this data in one place allows Austin’s team to be incredibly responsive, reducing their churn rate and improving customer satisfaction.

Are you ready to:


Free up your time to focus on your most important work, bringing in new clients and improving your offerings?


Reduce your workload to only doing the tasks that bring you joy AND grow your business?


Feel certain about what to do next to create the growth in your business that you desire?


Stop being bogged down in hours of monotonous admin tasks?

Working with Jessa has been the single most valuable investment in the growth of my business systems and revenue in the past decade…

I have seen a measurable return on investment for the systems Jessa has helped create and implement for my website, online store, email systems, and automations of all kinds. Jessa consistently anticipates my needs before I realize what they are and for that, I treasure her. If you are ready to simplify your life, work with a content expert, increase your revenues, and start stressing less, you are ready to work with Jessa.

Mandy Pearce

Owner, Funding For Good

Working with Jessa Green in creating the new website for Coming to the Table has been a true joy from start to finish. Her combination of professionalism, tech knowledge and savvy, can-do approach and all-around pleasantness is unparalleled in my experience.

I would hire Jessa again in a heartbeat, and highly recommend her for anyone needing an up-to-date, easy to navigate, just-the-right-bells-and-whistles website. The response from our stakeholders and members has been 100% positive. Seriously. 100%.

Tom DeWolf

Executive Director, Coming To The Table

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Meet Jessa Green

It doesn't matter that I've worked in the technology field for over two decades and have been a small business owner for nearly half that time. Nor does it matter that I have a wealth knowledge and skills.

What matters is your business isn't running the way you want it to… Your website isn't effectively helping business grow… Your clients aren't making their payments… You don't know where to start with your email list…

What matters is that I can help. You don't have to go through this alone. Your business CAN be successful, you CAN get out of the tech & admin, and you CAN have fun doing the work that lets you shine. 

Don't waste another minute struggling in the chaos.

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