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Premium WordPress Hosting

Offered by The Tech In My Pocket

No more fretting about the safety and security of your website, your website visitors, and the money that passes through your site to you.

When you choose to work with The Tech In My Pocket for your website needs, you're given the option to have your website hosted through our premium services. As listed on your annual invoice, these services include:

  • Nightly full offsite backups ($120/yr value)
  • Maintenance & updates to entire WordPress system ($150/yr value)
  • Full site security monitoring ($99/yr value)
  • Full site restore if site is attacked or damaged (+$500 value each instance)
  • SSL Certificate for site and e-commerce security ($99/yr value)

And here are the details:

What are "nightly full offsite backups"?

Every night [nightly] we'll run a backup of your entire site including all text, files, images, database structure, and software [full] and everything we backed up will be stored on a different server [offsite] than the one your website currently lives on. This ensures that if anything were to happen to the servers where your website is currently hosted, we could very quickly get your website back online by restoring the most recent backup to a new server. 

What are "maintenance & updates to entire WordPress system"?

WordPress is a very robust system with a lot of moving parts and often with lots of software systems integrated. Much like your computer, the WordPress system and all its software needs regular updates and security patches to make sure hackers don't break in and compromise your website or any client info stored on it.

To save you the trouble of having to constantly keep an eye on all the updates of WordPress, themes, plugins, databases, and any other integrated systems, The Tech In My Pocket runs all those updates for you on a regular basis, ensuring your site stays up-to-date and secure.

What is "full site security monitoring"?

Even with all updates and upgrades in place (above), again just like a computer, you also need to have security software in place to stop viruses, malware, and other destructive activity from getting in and breaking the system. The Tech In My Pocket utilizes Shield Security Pro (not the free version) for WordPress running live on every hosted site.

What is a "full site restore if site is attacked or damaged"?

Even with all this security in place, once in a great while, some really smart hacker finds some way into a website and causes damage. It could be that an admin user had a really weak password. It could be a software vulnerability that the hacker discovered before the software developer did. Whatever the case, if your site hosted with The Tech In My Pocket is indeed broken into and damaged, we will utilize the nightly backups we take of your site, wipe out the damaged site, and replace it with a fully secured and refreshed version of your site.

What is a "SSL Certificate for site and e-commerce security"?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificates is a small piece of code that confirms (via the web browser) to all your site visitors that you are who you say you are AND it allows for all information sent to and from your website to be sent encrypted. This means that you can receive payments on your website in a way that keeps the financial information secure as it is being submitted through your site. 

Recently Google also made a push that ALL sites should have SSL in order to help us all to know whether a site we are on is safe or not. If you are running a website without full SSL in place, your site visitors will get warning messages and/or your site could be blocked completely by their web browser. So no matter where you host your website, make sure you have a verified SSL Certificate installed.


When will I be invoiced?

You'll receive an invoice the month prior to when your annual subscription ends, giving you several weeks to pay prior to service expiration – ensuring all your website and systems remain online without interruption.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The invoices we send you have multiple payment methods: Bank transfer via PayPal, ACH via Stripe. If either of those options do not work for you, credit card payments via PayPal are available with a 3% fee added.

What happens when my service expires?

When the initial year is up, if you have not paid the next annual invoice that was emailed to you, your website (and any other annually associated services) goes offline per our Terms of Service.

What happens when I hit my storage/traffic limits?

The hosting packages have flexible limits for your websites data needs. However if your site begins to grow exponentially, requiring higher levels of data and space, we will reach out to you to look at upgrade options that will best suit your growing online business.