1. Các cấu trúc mời và đáp lại lời mời
a. Lời mời trang trọng

b. Lời mời thân mật

c. Đáp lại lời mời

2. Các cấu trúc đưa ra yêu cầu, đề nghị và trả lời đề nghị
a. Yêu cầu người khác làm gì cho mình

b. Xin phép ai đó làm việc gì

c. Trả lời yêu cầu, đề nghị

3. Bài tập lời mời, yêu cầu, đề nghị

Exercise 1. Chọn đáp án đúng để điền vào chỗ trống
0. Would you like _______ with me tonight?
a. to go out b. going out c. go out
1. Would you like ______ over for dinner tonight?
a. to come b. coming c. come to
2. ______ you get to my office for coffee tomorrow afternoon?
a. Would b. Will c. Shall
3. Would you like ______ a volleyball game with us? We have an extra ticket.
a. go to b. to go to c. to go
4. Our family is going to the beach this summer. ______ you like to join us?
a. Will b. Why don’t c. Would
5. It’s so hot. Will you ______ and get a cold drink with us?
a. go out b. to go out c. going out

Exercise 2. Viết lại câu với nghĩa tương tự, sử dụng từ gợi ý
0. Let’s go to the zoo this weekend.
What about going to the zoo this weekend?
1. Let’s have a night party on Sunday
> Shall
2. How about going to play football with us?
> Why
3. Would you like to go to the movies tomorrow?
> Let’s
4. Shall we get up early to enjoy sunrise on the beach?
> How
5. Why don’t we go out to have dinner?
> How about

Exercise 3. Tìm và sửa lỗi sai trong những câu dưới đây
0. How about go out to have dinner?
Go > going
1. Why don’t we camping at this zoo?
2. What about take a vacation in Ha long?
3. Shall she have an abroad trip in this Spring?
4. How about to lose some weights?
5. Let’s traveling abroad this summer holiday.

Exercise 4. Chia động từ trong ngoặc thành dạng đúng.
0. She tells me to help (help) her with her homework.
1. No _______(take) away.
2. Do not ______ (stand) next to me!
3. ____________(Shut) up!
4. Could you please __________(bring) me a cup of coffee?
5. Will you ______ (not/treat) me?

Exercise 5. Chọn đáp án đúng.
0. He told her not_______his mother his secret.
A. tell B. told C. to tell
1. No _____
A. smoke B. to smoke C. smoking
2. Don’t______ it.
A. touch B. to touch C. touching
3. Will you______a coffee please?
A. made B. to make C. make
4. Do________quiet!
A. be B. to be C. being
5. She asked me _______ the report
A. write B. to write C. wrote

Exercise 6. Read the situation and write a question using the word in brackets.
0. You want to borrow your friend’s camera. What do you say to him?
(think) Do you think I could borrow your camera?
1. You’ve written a letter in English. Before you send it, you want a friend to check it for you. What do you ask?
(think) ………………………..
2. You want to leave work early. What do you ask your boss?
(mind) ………………………..
3. The woman in the next room is playing music. It’s very loud. You want her to turn it down. What do you say to her?
(think) ………………………..
4. You’re on a train. The window is open and you’re feeling cold. You’d like to close it but first you ask the woman next to you.
(OK) ………………………..
5. You’re still on the train. The woman next to you has finished reading her newspapers and you’d like to have a look at it. You ask her:
(think) ………………………..

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