The Tech in my Pocket presents

Systems for Freedom

  • Do you want to run a program launch, but don't know where to even begin planning?
  • Need a funnel to capture new leads, but you get overwhelmed just thinking about the tech involved?
  • Have an idea for a new product or service offering, but just the thought of starting a new project it leaves you exhausted

What if you could get a clear road-map of the very steps you need to take to get up and running with both confidence and clarity?

  • The Map:¬†clear directions for you to take to reach your next goal of saving time, energy, and money in your business?
  • The Compass: to help keep you on track as you navigate your way across the Map?
  • The Guide: to help you you navigate the unknown terrain and ensure you reach that end destination?

Let The Tech in My Pocket provide you the level of support you need today!

Jessa Green, founder of The Tech in My Pocket, helps entrepreneurs and small business owners identify and implement the systems they need to get their businesses running at full potential, without all the heartache, headache, and freakout.

Does this sound like you?

You're working more on business admin tasks than you are on the work that you are truly great at, the work you LOVE. You daydream about hiring an assistant but you're not even sure you know what you would have them do – or that it might take forever and a huge cost to onboard them. But you need help! What would happen if you could have those hours back to devote to your products, your services, your clients? What if those tasks could be automated, and you didn't have to be the one to figure that out?

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